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How does it work?

Create your very own formation and share tactics with your team and friends.

How to create a football formation?

Simply select the position you would like then search for and add your desired player to your lineup. You can then choose from our pre-existing formations from the settings panel or drag and drop into position to create custom formations.

How to save & share your lineup?

Once you have completed your lineup simply select Save & Share under the pitch. This will provide you with the options to download an image, copy an image to your clipboard or share to your social media Twitter or Facebook account.

How to customise a lineup?

You can customise your lineup, by using the settings panel. This panel has tactical, visual, player and post match settings including:
  • Squad title
  • Player count
  • Formation
  • Substitutions
  • Player name
  • Man of the match
  • Team captain
  • Player origin (team/country)
  • Post match - rating, goals scored and cards received
  • Why use lineup builders formation creator?

    While most users will come to our site to create lineups to share with friends and teammates. There are a lot of other use cases too. Some of them are:
  • Supplement football analysis posts for sport article websites and blogs to make the article easier to understand and more visually striking.
  • Generate local team lineups as they are hard to find on web.
  • Build your own soccer team for local tournaments.
  • Future features

  • Ability to create an account to save all of your lineups for future reference.
  • Player runs can be drawn to improve prematch tactics.
  • A wider choice of preset football formations to choose from.
  • Professional women's players to be added to the database.
  • We're alway's open to feature suggestions.
    Feel free to direct message us on twitter at @lineup-builder
  • Football Formation Creator - Create Your Own Soccer Lineups

    lineup-builder.co.uk is an online formation creator application. Create your very own formation with our squad builder functionality. Share tactics with your team and friends. Drag and drop feature is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

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    Are you ready to take your football game to the next level? Look no further! Lineup-builder.co.uk is the ultimate online football formation creator application that puts the power of tactical genius in your hands! 🏆⚽

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    With lineup-builder.co.uk, you're the coach! Craft your very own professional or amateur formations with our user-friendly squad builder functionality. Tailor your team's setup to perfection, ensuring every player is in their ideal position to dominate the field.

    ⚽ Post-match analysis made easy ⚽

    After the final whistle, our application keeps the excitement going! Dive into the post-match features, including man of the match, cards received, goals scored, player ratings, substitutions, and more. Get valuable insights to fine-tune your strategy for the next match.

    🔍 Explore a Vast Player Database 🔍

    Looking for professional players to boost your lineup? Our extensive player database lets you search for the perfect additions to your squad. Or, let your creativity flow by adding your own amateur player images or customizing kits to make your team stand out on the pitch!

    📣 Share tactics with your team and friends 📣

    Lineup-builder.co.uk goes beyond solo play! Collaborate with your team and friends by sharing your formations and tactics seamlessly. Foster teamwork, communication, and coordination like never before, and watch as your victories multiply!

    🏟️ Whether you're pro or amateur, we've got you covered! 🏟️

    No matter if you're a seasoned pro or an enthusiastic amateur, lineup-builder.co.uk caters to all levels of football enthusiasts. Step into the shoes of legendary coaches and strategise like a pro!

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    Visit www.lineup-builder.co.uk now to experience the most customizable online football formation creator application available. Elevate your game, inspire your team, and embrace the joy of tactical excellence!
    🌟 Lineup-builder.co.uk – Redefining football strategy, one formation at a time! 🌟
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